Carry more  |  Free hand  |  Ergonomic  |  Store Flat

Serve on the go, open a door, hold on to a stair rail...

and protect your back

Features and Benefits:

•  A Simple Device —Two parts, nothing mechanical, no adjustments

•  Space-Saver  —Four or five plates in the space of one

•  Universal Fit  —Securely holds random size plates and bowls with food

•  User Friendly  —Quick and easy to set up and take apart without tools

•  Flat Storage  —Less than an inch thick when stored, fits in dishwasher

•  One-Handed Carrier  —Carry it like a shopping bag

  1. Ergonomic Advantage  —Reduce lower back stress caused by carrying tray in    front of body (nearly 80% of the population suffers from lower back issues)

  2. Liquid more stable —No sloshing around as when carried in a traditional tray

•  Attachments  —Glass and cup attachment

•  Low Cost Manufacturing  —Various materials at various price points  


•  Higher Capacity —More plates in a single hand

  1. Kitchen Counter  —Functional at prep area... and all the way to table

•  Outdoor Use  —Extra plate capacity, smaller footprint.

•  BBQ  —Carry your BBQ support-stack and park it right at the grill

•  Stair Safety  —Clear visibility and rail support while going up and down stairs

•  Elderly or Disabled  —Use the other hand for support.  Shake it without spillage...

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Carry Like a Shopping Bag

- Versatile and Ergonomic

- Free Hand

Carry Weight Out Front

- Pressure on Lower Back

- Two Hands Required

The New Vertical TrayTM

The Traditional Tray

Open a door...

Serve on the go...

Unrestricted view... and rail support

A BBQ support stack;

expand that tiny shelf

   VerTrayTM is an implement like no other.

One that changes the way you do things when you

Prep, Cook and Serve Food

... and Store Flat

One-Handed Food Carrier

- Obstructed Path Visibility


- Clear Visibility